Monday, 26 December 2011

StreetWear Eye Pencil : Black Current

by  Ani

hello friends
Wish you all Merry Christmas

Today I am going to show you StreetWear Eye Pencil
Product's Net wt. 1.6gm. Price - Rs. 85


The tip

On my hand

Pros - 
1/ the price is very good :)
2/ easily available
3/ packaging looks good st this price
4/color impact is good
5/ though the ingredients are not mentioned
but it has the smell of camphor which is good for eyes :)

Cons - 
1/ not smudge proof
2/ the tip is not good looking and for use
I sharped that and got in position
3/  staying power is almost 1 hour

Product's rating - 2/5
Will I repurchase? NO


  1. It can be used in water line Ani?

  2. sure siri :).. I bought this for waterline.... use it as a kajal :)

  3. i have it......and absolutely hate it :(( following u now..just noticed we have the same no.of followers..will b hpy if u join me too :)

  4. same feeling su :(

    Ya i'll follow :D

  5. Hi dear, never tried this, the name is so attractive na? anyways dear, following you now by gfc!

  6. I have passed on a Award to your Blog.. Do check it out here

  7. I have only one lipstick and a nail paint from this brand and I am not at all impressed by it,,
    this one doesn't seem any good too,,
    which is ur fav eye pencil Ani :)

  8. @deepa - thank u so much for giving me this honour :D

  9. @namita - you are right.. some products of Streetwear are good......... their stayon range, nail paints and moisturerich and satin smooth lipsticks are good....try them specially the moisture rich.....
    My favourite eye pencil is Revlon Crayon eye pencil.. this is so good .I use that as a kajal.always.. Lakme Defining Eye pencil Midnight Black is also good..:)

  10. Hii Even i am passing an award to you.Do check it out

  11. thank you so much siri for giving me the award :-*

  12. Merry Merry Christmas Ana (Belated wishes) :P :)
    BTW nice Review :D

  13. Thanks Lancy :D and same to u :)


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