Monday, 26 September 2011

Naturoma Herbals Neem Pack

  by Ani

this is a review of Naturoma Herbals Neem Pack
this is an anti-acne and pimple pack

it contains neem, orange peel, arjun bark, clove oil and lemon.

product's Net wt. 100 gm. Price - Rs. 105.

this is the product on my hand.... a muddy greenish color.

i used this product 7 days and my pimples became vanished. keeps my skin a clear and fresh feeling.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

make u up ( Ani ): Elle 18 ColorBombs Lipsticks Review

make u up ( Ani ): Elle 18 ColorBombs Lipsticks Review

Elle 18 ColorBombs Lipsticks Review

 Today's review is about Elle 18 Color Bomb Lipsticks .

Product's price - 100 Rs.. Net Wt. 4.3ml.

There are 2 shades for review

This is shade no. 01. Iced chocolate.

This is shade no. 23 . Berry Ice.

these are swatches on my hand.

and these are on my lips..
Iced Chocolates

Berry ice on my lips

Products Quality:
1/ this does not moisturise my lips
2/ this does not stays for long time
3/ the only thing is its very cheap
4/ packaging is cute
my rating : 2.5/5

Revlon Eye and Lip Make Up Remover

BY Ani

hi friends this is Revlon Eye and Lip Make up Remover .Net Wt. 60 ml. Price Rs. 160.

This product demands -
1/ it lifts away all kinds of make up including longwearing and transfer resistant make up
2/ leaves skin comfortably soft and free of residues
3/ non-irritating
4/ opthalmalogyst-tasted
5/won't cause break-outs

this is applied before removing the lipstick on my hand.

after its cleaned

it has kept its word.

 rating - 4/5