Saturday, 18 February 2012

Three Easy and Effective Steps For Pimples by - Akansha

by Ani

hello friends
today's post is very vital and its about skin

I have oily and pimple prone skin. From teenage time I am suffering from pimples.
And what is the suffering? I think everybody knows who has pimple problem.
you always have bad eruptions on face.... sometimes they come in so big size that then that can't be hide by make up.

But.................... I got a very effective, economic and completely ayurvedic solution of pimples from Akansha......
I know some of you are being astonished......... thinking which is this brand?

This is one of the most popular skin care brands in West Bengal
and this is their website

so the remedies are  -

Step 1 - Subarna  - Its a face wash for oily and pimple prone skin. It is in a dust form.
Ingredients - orange peel, arjun, nimba (neem), jab ( barley ) and ashwagandha
Price - Rs.65 for 100gm and Rs.110 for 200gm

here are the pics

Step 2 - Tanuruchi - this is a face pack for oily and pimple prone skin. it is also in a dust form.
Ingredients - Nimba ( neem ), arjun, daruharidra, gopichandan, orange peel and clove
Price - Rs.65 for 100gm. and Rs.110 for 200gm.

here are the pics

Step 3 - Rupam - its also a skin product for pimple. it can be used as a face pack by mixed water or you can puff it on face.
Ingredients - haritaki, arjuna, clove and basil leaves
Price - Rs.110 for 50gm.

here are the pics

It is a miracle range to me. My pimples are reduced in 1.5 months. I am still applying this range. And I like the names of the products. There is a sanskrit touch in the names and that goes very nicely with this ayurvedic products.

Method of application - you have to clean your face by Subarna 3 times by day and at a time thrice, apply Tanuruchi once thickly over face and wash after keeping 1 hour, if you have lot of pimples then use twice a day and use Rupam every night on face keep overnight

But I don't know where it is available outsite West Bengal. This is the phone no. of the co. - 033-32928258