Friday, 23 March 2012

Lotus Herbals Botanical Lipgloss: Hazelnut Sheen

by Ani

hello friends

todays subject is Lotus Herbals Botanical lipgloss
Net wt. 5ml. Price - Rs.  225
Shade : Hazelnut Sheen

on my hand

  Its a very nice mauve shade

on my lips

This shade goes very nicely when it will be applied on Lotus Pure Color Lipstick Mod Mauve you can watch the review here

here is this

Yeps -
1/ very reasonable :D
2/ shade is very nice..... and all sades are pretty from this range
3/ stays for atleast 3.5 hours
4/ glossy effects is very pretty :)
5/ easily available :)
6/ completely botanical product contains Grape extract and jojoba oil

Nopes -

Will I repurchase? Don't think me insane :p. But really I want to buy all shades from this range :-*
Will I recommend? 100%