Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Oriflame Perfect Blush : Classic Rose

by Ani

hello friends

I have posted my Durgapuja haul and I hope you all liked it

today I am going to review a product from the haul
Oriflame Perfect Blush

Product's net wt. 4gm. Price - Rs. 349 (in offer)
Shade - Classic rose

its a very nice rosy shade

here is the swatch :)

its a very light rosy pinky shade

Yeps :
1/ the packaging is nice
2/ shade is nice :)
3/ stays upto 3.5 hours without fading
4/ very soft and smooth texture
5/ it has a mirror

Nopes :
1/ Quantity should me little bit more
2/ I think its little bit pricely
3/ available through only Oriflame representative  :(
4/ its has only 4 shades

Product's Rating - 3.5/5

Will I repurchase? Let me to finish it.............. then will think
Will I recommend? Ya....you can use.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Make Up Haul for Durgapuja

by Ani

hello friends today I am going to do a haul post
I have purchased some make up in purpose of Durgapuja

You can imagine that I din't make a haul post for a long time

So lets start

 Lip Make up haul

1/ Lipstick - Jordana (Plumwine) and L.A. colors (Pink ice)

2/ Lipstick - Maybelline Colorsensational (Make me Pink), Young Discove Uthopia (Rose  Damask) and Colorbar Velvet Matte (Bare)

3/ Lipgloss -  Lotus Purestay (Pink hypnotic), Inglot lip refill 85 Tips and Toes (Bubblegum)

4/ Lipgloss - Oriflame Very me (Hottie), Jordana (Candy burst) and Anna andre lipliner

Blush Haul

1/ Oriflame (Classic Rose) and Chambor (Star Delight)

2/ Lakme (Ginger Surprise) and Avon (Hibiscus)

3/ Incolor (Pink 002)

Eye Pencils 

Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Maybelline Eyestudio Eye pencil ( Peacock Green ) and Oriflame Kohl (Nude)

Eyeshadow Haul

1/ Lotus Herbals Purestay Eyshadow (Serene Wonder) and Oriflame Very me (Pretty Green)

2/ Some Big palttes

It has 6 blushes too :D:D

Ok ... this is my complete make up haul for durgapuja

Did you liked it....???

Monday, 15 October 2012

Avon Tri Lip Gloss : Onyx Lustre : Pink Shimmer

by Ani

hello friends
sorry I could not post for exam

today I am going to post a review on an Avon product and that is Avon tri lipgloss
product's net wt. 7gm. Price - Rs. 375 ( got just in Rs. 199 in offer )
Shade - Pink Shimmer

here are the swatches

Yeps :
1/ price is good in offer :)
2/ tri - lipgloss - the concept is unique :)
3/ loved the packaging :)
4/ three shades are nice
5/ stays upto 3.5 hours without fading

Nopes :
1/ three shades always become mixed and come in a new shade

Product's rating : 4/5
Will I repurchase? yeah!! other shade
Will I recommend? Yes

Ok there are 2 good newses :D :D

1/ in Avon catalogue there are so many greatest offer in purpose off diwali from von and Me ...you can click Here to get some examples and the catalogue will be given on 29th October.. mail me - anindita.neogi49@gmail.com to book your name from now. :)

2/ Its the time of Durgapuja - the greatest festival of Bengalees............. and being a Bong girl I have made a huge haul ............. that is coming soon.................... wait wait :):)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oriflame Kohl Pencil : Nude

by Ani

hello friends
since a long time I had an intention to buy a nude kohl pencil
but I din't find a perfect one which also fit my budget

But atleast I found one and that is Oriflame kohl pencil
and I am going to show the review

Product's net wt. 1.3gm. Price - Rs. 125 in offer
Shade  - Nude

here is the tip


Yeps :
1/ the price is awsom :D:D I din't think I'd found one so cheap :)
2/ packaging is very nice
3/ gives a clear and beautiful shade on eyes
4/ stays upto 5 hours

Nopes :
1/ available through Oriflame representatives
2/ not retractable ..... have to sharp it

Rating - 4.5/5

Will I repurchase? yes. after finishing it

Will I recommend? Please use it.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Avon October Catalogue

by Ani
Hello friends
I am present today with Avon October catalogue 

here are the cataloguen links
offer from me - 
I am giving too you some offers Diwali purpose

1/buy 500 Rs. products and get free gift 
2/ buy 1000 Rs. products and get free gift + 50% off in shipping charge
3/ buy 2000 Rs. products  get free gift + free shipping ( till 1 kg )
4/ buy 3000 Rs. products get exciiting gift + free shipping ( till 1 kg )
choose your products  and mail me - anindita.neogi49@gmail.com (write product's name, shade and page no. and your detail address and contact no.)
Attention ****  I'll place 1st order on 3rd October 
so, your time is 3rd october 7 a.m.
After this timeline who will order will be booked in 2nd order
hurry up and place your order..