Monday, 15 October 2012

Avon Tri Lip Gloss : Onyx Lustre : Pink Shimmer

by Ani

hello friends
sorry I could not post for exam

today I am going to post a review on an Avon product and that is Avon tri lipgloss
product's net wt. 7gm. Price - Rs. 375 ( got just in Rs. 199 in offer )
Shade - Pink Shimmer

here are the swatches

Yeps :
1/ price is good in offer :)
2/ tri - lipgloss - the concept is unique :)
3/ loved the packaging :)
4/ three shades are nice
5/ stays upto 3.5 hours without fading

Nopes :
1/ three shades always become mixed and come in a new shade

Product's rating : 4/5
Will I repurchase? yeah!! other shade
Will I recommend? Yes

Ok there are 2 good newses :D :D

1/ in Avon catalogue there are so many greatest offer in purpose off diwali from von and Me can click Here to get some examples and the catalogue will be given on 29th October.. mail me - to book your name from now. :)

2/ Its the time of Durgapuja - the greatest festival of Bengalees............. and being a Bong girl I have made a huge haul ............. that is coming soon.................... wait wait :):)