Monday, 11 June 2012

Avon Pro to Go Lipstick : Brick Brown

by Ani

hello friends
todays discussion is about Avon Pro to Go lipstick

I have not reviewed lipsticks for such a long time
because I have reduced to shop lipsticks
I have so many in stock and  making  project empty plan in lipsticks

Product's Net wt. 1.8gm. Price - Rs. 429 ( approximately Rs. 299 in offer I got )
Shade - Brick Brown

I like its packaging very much. it has a switch beside the pack when you up it first the steel case will be open then the lipstick

here is the swatch

its really a brickish brown shade

on my lips

Yeps -
1/ very moisturising..... keeps lips soft
2/ color finishing is good
3/ it has spf 15 so protects lips from sun damages
4/ very smart packaging
5/ stays upto 3 hours without taking any food or drink

Nopes -
1/ available through only avon rep
2/ Quantity is comparatively lesser than price when its not in offer

Product's rating - 4.2/5

Will I repurchase? Sure.

Will I recommend? 100%