Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ani is Back with a Big Banner

hello friends

sorry for a great delay in posting
I was too much busy with study and I am having to stay far from home
so could not post

but I am back with Big Banner

I had been an agent of Oriflame some 4 months back
but now I am Back with 3 Banners

Click here to select Amway products

Click here to select Oriflame products  September catalogue

Click here to select Avon products  September catalogue

friends I deliver products allover India. So, if you are an Indian resident contact me for products.
you can order products from above brands you will get products within 7 days. I case of Avon it will take
10 days to be delivered.

There is a surprise, if you order products Rs, 1500 you will get a surpeise gift from me.

my mail Id is

contact me soon.