Sunday, 25 November 2012

Blog Sale

hello friends

I am going to make a blog sale today It will be started at 3 p.m. today and will be end on 27th November  at 3 p.m.

All of the products are in very cheap rate which you can check out very easily

1/ Oriflame Pure Color Lipsticks :

i/ Coral Rose

Original price : Rs. 119
Sale price : Rs. 50

ii/ Soft Caramel

Original price - Rs. 119
Sale price - Rs. 50

2/ Oriflame Triple Core Lipsticks :

Stunning clover and Amazing peach

Original Price - Rs. 298 each
Sale price - Rs. 150 each

3/ Avon Ultra color rich mega impact Lipstick :

i/ Divine Wine

ii/ Mocha Madness

Original price - Rs. 249 each
Sale Price : Rs. 100 each

4/ Oriflame Pure Color Nail color : Natural Bronze

Original price - Rs. 149
Sale price : Rs. 40

5/ Avon Glimmersticks : ( Reserved )

i/ Majestic plum

ii/ Cosmic Brown

Swatches are here

Original price - Rs. 199 each
Sale price : Rs. 75 each

6/ Lakme Insta Eyeliner :

Original price - Rs. 75
Sale price - Rs. 30

7/ Lakme Black Impact Eyeliner : Blackest Black

Original Price - Rs. 199
Sale price - Rs. 100

8/ Oriflame Giordani gold Pure rough future Lipstick : Peach

Original price - Rs. 349
Sale Price - Rs. 150

9/ Oriflame Giordani Gold Ruby Lipstick : Copper desire ( New)

Original Price - Rs. 419
Sale price - Rs. 250

10/ BR Cosmetics Eyeshadow palette : ( Reserved )

Original price - Rs. 350
Sale price -  Rs. 150

So friends choose products from this sale and put comment in comment box

then mail me -

Shipping charge will be Rs. 50 for West Bengal and Rs. 100 for other states

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Oriflame Very Me Eyeshadow : Pretty Green

by Ani

hello friends
I am a big fan of green eyeshadows and it suits me very much

So today I am going to review one of my favourite green shadows
Oriflame Very me Eyeshadow
Net wt. 1.9 gm. Price - Rs. 149 (in offer)
Shade - Pretty Green

here are the swatches

Yeps :

1/ very economic when in offer
2/ nice and cute packaging :)
3/ easy flip flop pack easy to open and close
4/ shades are really nice
5/ both of the shades are very nicely pigmented
6/ soft and smooth texture
7/ stays upto 5 hours on my lid without any primer :D

Nopes :

1/ available only through Oriflame reps

product's rating - 4.5/5

Will I repurchase?? sure

Will I recommend?? 100%

I love them very much and I used this palette in this EOTD

Saturday, 17 November 2012

6 Brown to Coffee Lipsticks : Swatches

by Ani

hello friends
I am a big lover of brown lippies and its my all time favourite  shade

So today I am going to show 6 of the lippies of my stock which are of brown to coffee shaded

here are the lippies I am going to swatch

1/ Street Wear Rich Matte Lipstick - 15 Roasted Almond

2/ Revlon Velvet Touch Lipstick - 103 Choco Berry

3/ Coloressence Premia Lipstick - 109 Chestnut

4/ Street Wear Satin Smooth Lipcolor - 11 Eclairs

5/ Lotus Herbals Moistpetals Lipstick - 162 Hazelnut

6/ Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick - C501 Mocha Madness

Here are the swatches of the aboves

Left to right - streetwear roasted almond, revlon choco berry, coloressence chestnut, streetwear echlairs, lotus hazelnut and avon mocha

which shade did you like amonh these???

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Miss enchanted Giveaway

hello friends

there is a good news 

my friend Divya the owner of the blog announced a Sleek Giveaway

and here is the exciting prize

I am participating and you too take part

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Sparkles unlimited Giveaway

hello friends

here is a good news Srilata the owner of the blog
has announced a giveaway and here is the exciting prize

I am participating you too participate.

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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Lotus Herbals Purestay Long Lasting Eyeshadow : 25 Serene Wonder

by Ani

hello friends
today I am going to review one of my favourite buyings till now
Lotus Herbals has released Purestay range
and when I went too my usual cosmetic shop then saw the banner of Purestay range and
it was very difficult to overlook it :p

So today I am going to review Lotus Herbals Purestay Eyeshadow
Net wt. 4*2gm   Price - Rs. 649
Shade - 25 Serene Wonder

here is a velvet cover on the case

and the eyeshadow box

shades here

watch it clearly

<3 <3


haha I am super happy :):)

Yeps :

1/ very aristrocratic and innovated packaging ..... like it very much
2/ 4 beautiful shades :)
3/ they have super velvety texture :)...................... this is the smoothest and softest shadow I have ever used <3
4/ easily available in Lotus Counters
5/ lasts upto 10 hours on my eyelids :)

Nopes :

1/ very costly
2/ there should be 2 - 3 more shades in pack

Product's rating - 4.5/5

Will I repurchase? Let me finish it............... then surely
Will I recommend?? 100%