Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Oriflame Very Me Click It Eyeliner : Black & Brown

by Ani

hello friends

today' review is on Oriflame very me click it eyeliner
Product's net wt. 3.5ml. Price - Rs. 159 ( I got Rs. 125 in offer )
Shades - Black and Brown

here are the brushes


                                         Black                                                                            Brown


Yeps -
1/ very cute packaging  
2/ the brush is so thin and fine that you can line on lower eyelid
3/ price is good in offer
4/ color impact is also good

Nopes -
1/ not waterproof :(
2/ not quick drying..... takes time to dry
3/ available through only Oriflame reps
4/ easily smudges after 45 minutes.................. very weak staying power :(

Product's rating - 2/5

Will I repurchase?? No.
Will I recommend? No Way