Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My Two Favourite Deos From Spinz

by Ani

hello friends I love perfumes and deos very much and unfortunately
 till now I have not introduced you with any of them

Don't worry and relaxe more perfume reviews are coming I'll show them gradually

today I am going to introduce you two of my favourite deos from Spinz
I have seen that Spinz is very popular brand for school and college girls

here are 2

the first one is Spinz Cool Splash

It is of blue packaging and It has a very fresh fragnance and I love it very much

the second one is Spinz Fresh Burst

It has a very nice lemony scent with orange-yellow packaging

their price is Rs. 150 for 150 ml. and Rs. 85 for 75 ml.
so very economic and fragnances are very long lasting

Try these and I hope you will like these.