Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick : Rose Wine

by Ani

hello friends
today's subject is Avon ultra color rich lipstick
I think in January it was  in offer and then many of my blogger friends bought this and reviewed :)

Product's Net wt. 3.6gm. Price - Rs. 299
Self life  - 3 years
Shade - Rose Wine

the shade - its a very beautiful purple shade

on my lips

1/ very economic :D
2/ stays for atleast 3.5 hours
3/ there are many beautiful shades in this range :)
4/ moisturising :)
5/ its black packaging always attracts me :)
6/ this pink shade is so nice.... so so nice :D  :-*
1/ available through only Avon reps
2/ no ingredient list

Rating - 4/5
Will I repurchase? Ofcourse.

Will I recommend? yes.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tag - O - Mania

hello friends

 Divine Blush has tagged me Tag - O - Mania and its full of fun. So thanks her and lets start the game.

First of all I want to refer the rules :  
Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog. 
Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions. 
Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you've done so.
Rule#4: Don't tag anyone who's been tagged before.
Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others; don't go all ''if you want to take this tag''.

Now 11 things about me :

1/ I love my subject history very much and study to know more and more. I have a good collection of books about Indian history. Ancient India always attracts me. I love to read bengali literature also very much and detective stories.
2/ I love make up after study. Make up is  like my friend who stays with me to boost up myself. Make up is my obsession.
3/ I became interested in make up form class 8. But firstly I would have to struggle very much to buy make up. Because then I didn't have any pocket money, So could not buy branded products except Elle 18.
4/ I don't spend more paisa in dressess, bags or shoes. I sometimes buy them but look for reasonable.
5/ In make up lipsticks are my life. I love brown shades and pin then. After that I am crazy for shadows. But now I am obsessed in blushes too.
6/ I love music very much. I think if music would be absent in this world I would never breath.
7/ I am very emotional person. I tear seeing sad scenes in films.
8/ I love nature and live in nature. I love fresh air, birds, flowers and smell of soil.
9/ I like to to travel 2-3 tomes in a year. the place must be mountanious or sea beach.
10/ I love my mother tongue Bengali very much and I am proud of being a Bengalee.
11/ I love bengali and chinease food. Chicken is my most fav. I love every dish of chicken. I love Ice - Creams and soft - Drinks too.

Now I have to answer of Questions by Divine Blush

 What do you prefer a candle lit dinner or a trekking adventure? - Candle lit dinner of course. 
What u like – time to spend with ur hubby or with your family? - Not married so with boy friend.
     What do you prefer – Online Shopping or Offline shopping? - Online make up and offline books, dressess, shoes and bags.
        What do you prefer Home made mask or the one from the stores? I have not more time to make homemade pack so readymade from stores :p
         Tell me any one lie that you told to ur hubby? I never tell lie to my boyfriend... he too .... we are very committed.
         U r favorite Pilgrimage place? - Tarapith in WestBengal.
         Ur favorite beauty tip for Skin? - Always choose products according to skin type. :)
        Saree or Modern wear ? - Modern wear............. but not ultra modern..... but saree is a classic dress its of every age..............every time....
        You are left alone in a forest which essential thing you would ask for to survive? - I would tell the person who would going to left me in forest " mujhe ghar le chalo"
       Monthly how much do you spend for buying Cosmetics & skin care products?- 1000 - 1200 Rs..... because I am a jobless girl till now :(
      What do you prefer Straight hair or Wavy Curly one -? - Straight.

     Now My nominees are - 
     Rashmi Dev from Indyabeauty  
    Anuradha from Goldensequinns
    Namita from vivaciousflair
    Lancy from make up and Beauty Home
    Agnibanya from Agnibanya's Blog
    Taps from Beauty through my eyes
    Srilata from sparklesunlimited
    Bidisha from glisteningkaleidoscopiceyes
    Upasana from makeup my passion
    Deepika from divassence
    Aditi from budgetbelleza

   And now my questions are - 
   1/ what do you mean by make up?
   2/ what is your favourite make up stuff?
   3/ have you counted how many make up stuff you have?
   4/ who inspired you in make up?
   5/ what is your fav make up brand?
   6/ what do you want  - reasonable drugstore brands or pricely brands?
   7/ did you make up any other person and felt satisfied?
   8/ nail art or one shade on nail?
   9/ do you stay in make up at home?
   10/ which make up stuff is indespensible for you? 
   11/ what is your 2012 make up wishlist?

     going to travell in nominated blog to message them :D

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Naturepro's Naturoma Herbal Cucumber and Mint Skin Tonic

by Ani

hello friends
today I am going to introduce you with my favourite skin toner
and that is Naturepro's Naturoma Herbal Cucumber and Mint Skin Tonic
Its with Rose Water base

Product's ingredients and product's demand - It contains extracts of dates, mint, cabbage, cucumber and other herbal ingredients contained  in this with rose water base formula work as a powerful skin texturiser and toner, contros dehydration and tightens pores, leaves skin vibrant and petal soft.

Price - Rs.50 for 100ml and Rs.90 for 200 ml

the product in my hand - its of a mild rose pink color

Yeps -
1/ very pocket friendy :)
2/ after application skin becomes fresh, stressfree and lively
3/ soothing effect gives skin a cool and fresh feelings
4/ makes skin soft and smooth :)
5/ 100ml pack is easy to carry

Nopes -
1/ I don't know where is it available outside West Bengal

Product's rating - 5/5 ( because I have no availabillity problem with this product )

Will I repurchase? Always
Will I recommend? Please try this.... its so good

Friday, 24 February 2012

Faces Go Chic Lipstick : Fig

by Ani

hello friends
today's review subject is a new range- Faces Go Chic Lipstick
before the product's description I want to refer that Faces is one of my fav make up brands

Net wt. 4.5gm. Price - Rs. 199
Shade - fig

the shade

on my lips

Yeps -
1/ very economic :)
2/ I liked the simple and cute packaging
3/ there are so many nice shades in this range
4/ stays upto 4.5 hours without eating or drinking
5/ easily available in faces counters and sites like etc.
5/ moisturising
6/ nicely pigmented
Nopes -
1/ shade looks lighter than file

Products rating - 4.7/5

Will I repurchase? ofcourse
Will I recommend? 100%

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Avon Simply Pretty Kajal

by Ani

hello friends
I think kajal one of the most vital stuff of make up which can change the look of eyes
todays subject is Avon Simply Pretty Kajal
net wt. 2.6gm. Price - Rs.85

here is the tip

the swatch

Yeps -
1/ very very economic :)
2/ rich pigment
3/ it has the goodness of camphor which keeps eyes cool and visions good
4/ very long lasting..... lasts upto 4-5 hours
5/ waterproof
6/ does not smudge easily

Nopes -
1/ available through only avon representatives
2/ no proper ingredient list

Rating - 4/5
Will I repurchase? ya......from this time this rangewill always be in my make up srorage
Will I recommend? sure.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Three Easy and Effective Steps For Pimples by - Akansha

by Ani

hello friends
today's post is very vital and its about skin

I have oily and pimple prone skin. From teenage time I am suffering from pimples.
And what is the suffering? I think everybody knows who has pimple problem.
you always have bad eruptions on face.... sometimes they come in so big size that then that can't be hide by make up.

But.................... I got a very effective, economic and completely ayurvedic solution of pimples from Akansha......
I know some of you are being astonished......... thinking which is this brand?

This is one of the most popular skin care brands in West Bengal
and this is their website

so the remedies are  -

Step 1 - Subarna  - Its a face wash for oily and pimple prone skin. It is in a dust form.
Ingredients - orange peel, arjun, nimba (neem), jab ( barley ) and ashwagandha
Price - Rs.65 for 100gm and Rs.110 for 200gm

here are the pics

Step 2 - Tanuruchi - this is a face pack for oily and pimple prone skin. it is also in a dust form.
Ingredients - Nimba ( neem ), arjun, daruharidra, gopichandan, orange peel and clove
Price - Rs.65 for 100gm. and Rs.110 for 200gm.

here are the pics

Step 3 - Rupam - its also a skin product for pimple. it can be used as a face pack by mixed water or you can puff it on face.
Ingredients - haritaki, arjuna, clove and basil leaves
Price - Rs.110 for 50gm.

here are the pics

It is a miracle range to me. My pimples are reduced in 1.5 months. I am still applying this range. And I like the names of the products. There is a sanskrit touch in the names and that goes very nicely with this ayurvedic products.

Method of application - you have to clean your face by Subarna 3 times by day and at a time thrice, apply Tanuruchi once thickly over face and wash after keeping 1 hour, if you have lot of pimples then use twice a day and use Rupam every night on face keep overnight

But I don't know where it is available outsite West Bengal. This is the phone no. of the co. - 033-32928258

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow : Time for Wine

by Ani

hello friends
I am a huge fan of eyeshadows beside lipsticks and try to stock it more
I think everyone should like colorful eyes painted by eyeshadow

so, today I am going to review Maybelline Expetwear Eyeshadow
Net wt. 4.8gm. Price - Rs. 240
Shade - Time for Wine

so, here is the complete pack

and the shades

in Maybelline Expertwear quad this is mentioned that which shade where to be applied
you can see  the words - Lid, Crease, Brow Bone an Outer Corner

ok..... now the swatches

Lid ( very light chocolaty beige ) and Crease ( deep purple shade )

Brow Bone ( very light shimmery pearl pink ) and Brow Bone ( plum mauve )

Yeps -
1/ very very economic :) I think its the most cheap eyeshadow palette I have ever bought from the current collections
2/ colors are good pigmented :)
3/ stays upto 4 hours............ but you have to use an eyeshadow primer for long lasting effect
4/ Not chalky
5/ it has 2 seperate brushes......

Nopes -
1/ I think the packaging is not good...................... it seems old and boaring
2/ there are many palettes in this range................... but I din't found all or varieties in any store..... and Its not available in any Indian shopping site
3/ the brow bone shade seems copperish apparently.............. so shades are not clear to watch

Overall rating - 4/5

Will I repurchase? - Definitely other palettes from this range.
Will I recommend? yes..

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Avon Ultra Color Rich Mega Impact Lipstick : Divine Wine

by Ani

hello friends
now a days I am huge fan of Avon stuffs
Not for just their good quality but they always come in exciting offers
A big Avon haul is coming soon to you. So keep patience

todays post is on Avon ultra color rich mega shine lipstick
Net wt. 3gm. Price - Rs. 249
Shade - Divine Wine

look at the package

now the stick and the shade

this is a very beautiful maroonish wine shade

on my lips

Pros -
1/ price is good :) when its not in offer then too
2/ very glossy finish
3/ enough moisturising :)
4/ color impact is very good
5/ stays upto 3.5-4 without taking any food or drink
6/ there ares  many beautiful colors in this range

Cons - Available through only Avon representatives.

Product's rating - 4.5/5

Will I repurchase? - Ofcourse

Will I recommend? - Sure

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Aroma Magic Vitamin-E Nourishing Cream

by Kannu ( guest post)
Kannu is the owner of the blog Cookdokoo

Since winters are round the corner so I decided to buy a nourishing cream for myself. I have heard a lot of Aroma Magic products so thought of tying it out.

Here is the image of the packaging…

It comes in a sealed packaging as you can see in the image below

It has a thick consistency…

What the product claims-
(Rejuvenating & Lightening)

For Normal to Dry Skin

A light nourishing & rejuvenating cream. The shea butter & vitamins A, C, E & F help to keep skin young, healthy, prevent wrinkles, facial lines, fight ageing & sun damage. Also lighten skin tone, blemishes & prevent stretch marks.

Direction for use-
Massage the cream onto face & neck after cleansing. Remove excess with damp cotton.

Active Ingredients-
Extracts of carrot, cucumber, rose, shea butter, vegetables waxes & Vitamin A,C,E &F & pure essential oils of patchouli, geranium & lavender.

Price- Rs. 215 for 50gms

My experience with this product-
I bought it keeping that it should be useful in winters…It has a mild floral fragrance which goes after 10 mins once applied. This cream has a sticky application when applied on face & hands which stays for a longer time. For day wear I feel it’s too sticky would work better as a night cream. Just a little bit is enough to cover the whole face.

Would I recommend this product?
If you have a dry skin this may be a good product for you or if you are looking for night cream.

Would I repurchase?
No one is enough for me.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Lakme Forever Silk Eyeliner : Gypsy Green and Blacklast

by Ani

hello friends
today I am going to introduce with one of my favourite eyeliner range
and that is Lakme forever silk

Products Net wt. 0.28gm Price - Rs. 395
Shades - gypsy green and blacklast

Product's demand - velvet finish, waterproof, smudgeproof, super long wear  and dermatologically tested.

Gypsy Green



Blacklast (up) and Gypsy green (down)


Gypsy green (top) Blacklast (bottom)

Pros -
1/ product's all demands are true
2/ rich color impact

Cons -
1/ Pricely
2/ this is a one way liner.... so don't try to check the length of the liner will not get back

Rating - 4.5/5

Will I repurchase? sure
Will I recommend? 100 %

Monday, 6 February 2012

First Ever Giveaway of Everything that matters

by Ani

hello friends

Jyoti the owner of Everything that matters has organized her first ever
giveaway to celebrate 100th post

here are the exciting prizes

so friends participate like me in this giveaway
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Make up my passion's first giveaway

hello friends

Ups the owner of Make up my passion has announced her first giveaway

here are the exciting prizes

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Friday, 3 February 2012

Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick - Peach Cream

by Ani

hello friends

its my 100th post in my blog :)
after viewing previous post you all have known that I am a lipstick lover :-*
So, my 100th post will be on Lipstick - Lotus Herbals Pure Color Lipstick
Net wt . 4.2gm. Price - Rs. 245
Self life - 3 years
Shade - Peach Cream

the shade

its a very beautiful peachy orange shade
on my lips

Pros - 
1/ price is good :D
2/ moisturising
3/ stays for 4 hours atleast
4/ pure vegetatian lipstick
with extracts of aloevera
and jojoba
5/ packaging is good
6/ this range contains so many nice
shades like this
7/ color impact is so good.

Cons - 
1/ not easily available
only in lotus makeup counters and sites

Product's rating - 4.75/5

Will I repurchase? ofcourse.