Thursday, 28 June 2012

Coloressence Aqua Make up Base : Beige

by Ani

hello friends
today's review subject is Coloressence Aqua make up base

Coloressence is the make up range of Nature's Essence
and the brand is becoming popular for its good quality

Product's net wt. 35ml. Price - Rs.110
Shade - Beige LF - 1

Active Ingredients - Vit E acetate, Punannava extract

Product's demand - it gives a complete coverage to the skin by its easy to spread and blend quantity with SPF 20. It protects skin while maintaining the moisture effect. Can be used for day wear.

product's specimen on my hand ( i had to reduce camera's light to get original shade of the foundation )

this is beige shade. Beige shade is perfect for my skin. So if I see online a preferable foundation with beige shade I buy that. And it always suits me. So I don't need to go to counter always to buy foundations.

after blending ( the black light spot is a burn mark on my hand, I have applied the foundation on the upper area of the burn mark)

Yeps -
1/ very very pocket friendly :)
2/ it has spf 20 so protects skin from sun damage
3/ smells very nice
4/ it blends easily and gives a glowing look
5/ moisturising too but does not make skin oily
6/ gives a good coverage to skin
7/ packaging is simple ..... just like -- what should be in this price
8/ easily available
9/ very light weight you will not feel that you have worn a foundation ( what I feel after applying Lakme liquid foundation )

Nopes - Nothing

Product's rating - 5/5

Will I recommend? Yes

Will I repurchase? From last month I have used this so much that it is almost finished. It has become one of my favourite and daily use foundations so I will surely buy this again and again. I have never seen a foundation with a good quality and so less price :)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Avon Heavenly Soft Eyeshadow Trio : Citrus Squash

by Ani

hello friends at present I am deeply obsessed in eyeshadows and blushes

because I have a lesser collection of this comparatively to my lipsticks
So. I a collecting these two stuffs of random shades

today I am reviewing Avon Heavenly soft eyeshadow trio
I have bought this last month probably

Product's Net wt. 3gm. Price - Rs.299 ( in offer )
Shade - Citrus Squash

here are the shades


here is and EOTD where I have used these shades

Yeps :
1/ the first thing which impressed me is the packaging.... its super cute :-*
2/ price is good when in offer.. I can't remember the original price
3/ it have very nice 2 acid shades and a shade for browbone
4/ its of a very mild texture and smooth application
5/ If you want to create soft look on eyes then this palette is perfect

Nope :
1/ the shades are not very pigmented :(
2/ the quantity is very less..... they know who bought this
3/ staying power is less..... it stays hardly 1.45 hours on lids.... then starts to fade
4/ available through only avon reps

Product's rating - 2.8/5

Will I recommend? No. I'll never recommend this for anyone because it will be loss of money for them.

Will I repurchase? May be. because sometimes I need this type eye look
I think I should not buy this again.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

My June Haul

by Ani

hello friends I have started from last 2 months my hauls of total month

In june I have bought something and want to share with you

so lets start

1/ Enliven Cederwood and Pachouli Shower Gel

2/ Khadi Aloevera Cooling Toner

3/ Khadi Pudina Scrub Gel

4/ Eva Mini Deo - fresh and glee

5/ Clean and Clear Morning Energy Face Wash

6/ Nature's Essence Aloevera Gel

7/ Lakme Deep Pore Cl;eansing Milk

8/ Trichup Complete Hair Care Shampoo

9/  Avon Simply Pretty Color me Pretty Nail Enamel - Flirty

10/ Avon Feelin Fresh - Citrus Lime

11/ Avon Speed Dry Nail Enamel - Crystal Calm

12/ Avon True Color Eyeshadow - Fresh Cut Greens ( sorry for the picture )

13/ Avon Simply Pretty Big Eyeshadow Stick - Black Diamond

14/ Aroma Magic Aloevera Sunscreen Gel spf 20

And the most exciting

15/ Elf Beauty On the Go Palette - Tascany Retreat :-* :-*

So this is my complete June haul

What have you bought in june share with me :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jordana Powder Blush : Sunlit Bronze

by Ani

hello friends
todays review is on Jordana powder blush
this is one of my favourite blushes

Product's net wt. 2.2gm. Price - Rs.229
Shade - Sunlit Bronze
Self life - 3 years

here is the shade

its a very nude peach shade


Yeps -
1/ very economic :)
2/ there are many beautiful shades in this range
3/ pigmentation is good
4/ stays upto 3  hours
5/ packaging is simple but nice
6/ this shade adds a nice glow to skin

Nopes -
1/ it has neither a brush nor a mirror with it :(
2/ availability is an issue................................ available in only and from indian sites

Product's rating - 4/5

Will I repurchase? Yes. I want all shades from this range
Will I recommend? Ya. sure.

Monday, 18 June 2012

3 Avon Glimmersticks Review

by Ani

hello friends being a major part of eye make up eyeliner has become my favourite for some months
and I love Avon Glimmersticks... because I always love Avon and they come in beautiful colors
today Iam going to review 3 of them

Product's net wt. 0.28gm. Price - Rs. 259 ( I got in Rs. 199 in offer )

Shades - Saturn Grey, Majestic Plum and Cosmic Brown

                                          saturn grey, majestic plum and cosmic brown


                                               saturn grey, majestic plum and cosmic brown

Yeps -
1/ economic specially when in offer  :)
2/ it has very nice colors in this range
3/ becomes in a twister pack so one does not have to sharp it
4/ it provides a smooth application
5/ stays upto 3.5 - 4 hours without smudging
6/ good for waterline too
7/ color impact is good

Nopes -
1/ available through only Avon representatives
2/ packaging is not attractive :( its too simple

Product's Rating- 4.4/5
Will I repurchase? Yes. some from other shades but later

Will I recommend? Sure

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Banjara's Aloe Astringent

by Ani

hello friends
for somedays I was thinking to review some of my skin care products
though I am firstly a make up addict but I also buy various branded stuffs for me

I never use so much products on my skin. I just follow basic skin care routine - cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating, nourishing and protecting

today I am going to review one of my favourite astringents
Banjara's Aloe Astringent
Product's net wt. 100ml. Price - Rs. 85

I have oily sking so for toning I prefer cool astringent in summer

   its a deep cleasing asringent so it cleasnses and tones skin and pore minimizer

it has a flip cap

and the product is on my palm

Yeps -
1/ very economic :)
2/ now Banjara's products are available in many stores so easily available
3/ calms and soothes skin............ aloevera is a very good ingredient for skin
4/ very light feeling........... and easily absorbs
5/ makes my skin oil free ............... but does not make skin dry
6/ smells good

Nopes -
1/ packaging may be not attractive

Product's rating - 4.8/5

Will I repurchase? 100%

Will I recommend? Please try oily skinned girls. its very good.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Avon Pro to Go Lipstick : Brick Brown

by Ani

hello friends
todays discussion is about Avon Pro to Go lipstick

I have not reviewed lipsticks for such a long time
because I have reduced to shop lipsticks
I have so many in stock and  making  project empty plan in lipsticks

Product's Net wt. 1.8gm. Price - Rs. 429 ( approximately Rs. 299 in offer I got )
Shade - Brick Brown

I like its packaging very much. it has a switch beside the pack when you up it first the steel case will be open then the lipstick

here is the swatch

its really a brickish brown shade

on my lips

Yeps -
1/ very moisturising..... keeps lips soft
2/ color finishing is good
3/ it has spf 15 so protects lips from sun damages
4/ very smart packaging
5/ stays upto 3 hours without taking any food or drink

Nopes -
1/ available through only avon rep
2/ Quantity is comparatively lesser than price when its not in offer

Product's rating - 4.2/5

Will I repurchase? Sure.

Will I recommend? 100%

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Faces Canada Blush : Light Thulian Pink

by Ani

hello friends
today's subject is Faces Canada blush
at present I am a huge fan of blushes and collecting them as much as possible

Product's Net wt. 8gm. Price - Rs. 299
Shade -Light Thulian Pink

here is the round blush pot

Product's Demand -
1/ Vit E and Hyaluronic acids enriched, minimizes skin's imperfections
2/ Long stay easy to blend color formula with a creamy texture
3/ Lanolin free

Light Thulian pink  is a very light pink shade..

the shade on my finger

Yeps :
1/ very very economic comparatively than other branded blushes :)
2/ it has many beautiful shades in this range
3/ it has a very smooth texture
4/ blends easily on cheeks
5/ pigmentation is very good
6/ staying power is amazing...... stays upto 4.5 hours
7/ it has a mirror with the blush
8/ 8 gm. quantity is very good
9/ this shade gives a very nice glow to skin..... and it can be used like a highlighter :)

Nopes :
1/ packaging is not attractive....................... flat black pack
2/ it has no proper ingredient list
3/ it has no brush with it..................... so its problematic to carry only the blush with one................... have to keep a separate brush with
4/ this shade is not very pigmented...................... so some may not like this.

Product's rating - 3.8/5

Will I repurchase ? - Ofcourse

Will I recommend? - Ya

Friday, 1 June 2012

Oriflame Wonder Lash Intense Mascara

by Ani

hello friends
today I am going to review Oriflame Wonder lash intense mascara
its one of my favourite mascaras

Product's net wt. 8ml. Price - Rs. 329 ( Rs.198 in offer )
Self life - 3 years

Sorry the writing is so blurred color that pic can't be good :p

                                                         here is the brush

in this EOTD I have used this mascara

Yeps -
1/ defines lashes and makes beautiful
2/ does not clumps and easily removable :)
3/ price is good in offer
4/ brush is good
5/ waterproof
6/ very long lasting.............. stays on my lashes all day long :)

Nopes -
1/ available through only Oriflame rep
2/ I don't like its packaging :(

Product's rating - 4/5

Will I recommend? Yes
Will I recommend? ya.