Monday, 26 December 2011

StreetWear Eye Pencil : Black Current

by  Ani

hello friends
Wish you all Merry Christmas

Today I am going to show you StreetWear Eye Pencil
Product's Net wt. 1.6gm. Price - Rs. 85


The tip

On my hand

Pros - 
1/ the price is very good :)
2/ easily available
3/ packaging looks good st this price
4/color impact is good
5/ though the ingredients are not mentioned
but it has the smell of camphor which is good for eyes :)

Cons - 
1/ not smudge proof
2/ the tip is not good looking and for use
I sharped that and got in position
3/  staying power is almost 1 hour

Product's rating - 2/5
Will I repurchase? NO