Sunday, 9 October 2011

Lotus Herbals Moistpetals Lipstick : review 2

by Ani
hi beauties i have posted a review of 2 Lotus Moistpetal Lipsticks
i have bought 2 more and reviewing now

the others Shades are 1 - 162 Hazelnut
 this is a dark chocolate shade

the 2nd shade is 122 Raspberry Punch
its a pinkish dark plum color

now the shades are on my lips


                                                               Raspberry Punch

I love this range.


  1. Hey Hi,
    New here to your blog...
    Thanks for this lovely review...
    Do drop by blog sometime..
    And follow if you like... :)
    Fashion Panache

  2. thanks bhushavali............ i'll follow.

  3. oh............. thanks... me too like this..

  4. Raspberry punch looks pretty :)


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