Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Oriflame Tripple Core Lipstick : review

by Ani

hello friends
today's review is on Oriflame Tripple Core Lipstick
Product's Net wt. 4gm. Price - Rs. 398 ( I got in offer price - Rs. 298 )

the shade is Amazing Peach

this is a very nude peach shade

Now it is on my lips

Pros - 
1/ the lipstick is very soft and smooth
2/ the shade is very unique so i like this :)
3/ moisturises lips
4/ very cute looking :)
Cons - 
1/ does not stay more than 2.5 hours without eating :(
2/ the price is not worth of its staying power.
3/ the lipstick's own shade and the actual shade are not same....

Product's rating - 3.5/5

will I repurchase? Yes. I will like to try other shades :)


  1. These were being sold at very low price for some time. I missed my call then :(

  2. don worry niv they give exciting offers in every 3 weeks.... you will get one better...... i also missed the make up box offer price :(

  3. shade looks peach but on lips it is looking more like purple ...

    new follower
    i would love if you follow back

  4. the shade looks pretty.. was planning on getting a few of these but waiting for the right offer

  5. @ sahar - you are welcome :)

    @ deeps - they oftenly give exciting offers..... in this month they are giving exciting offers in lipglossess......:)

  6. it looks very different on yr lips in comparison to the pix...

  7. ya kannu the file's shade and the actual color are different.....

  8. Oh, this is a frosty shade... i almost bought this! how good are they with moisturisation ani?

  9. they are very moisturising.:)...... check it out... the shade is so awsome na???


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