Saturday, 12 November 2011

Oriflame Vison's V Lipstick :review

by Ani

hello friends
today's review is on Oriflame Vison's V lipstick
Product's Net wt. 2.5gm. Price - Rs. 99

the shade is no.5077 Pink Berry
its a coral pink shade

and here is the shade

on my lips

Pros - 
1/ very very economic
2/ stays for 3 hours atleast
3/ moisturise lips

Cons - 
after removing it leaves a stain of color
which is very bad

Product's rating - 2/5


  1. i had tis n a boring rose color nd dint like much either!!
    btw tis color luks gud dear!

  2. I have two of these. Honestly. for the price I'm not disappointed

  3. @ sunaa - thanks..:) the shade is nice

    @ niv - ya same to u

  4. I have tried visions v.. n i quite liked them.. you have a nice blog :)


  5. thanks rekha.... thanks for the compliment:):)


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