Thursday, 10 November 2011

Pond's Clear Pimple Face Wash ; review

by Ani

hello friends

today's review is on Pond's Clear Pimple Face Wash
Product's Net wt. 50gm. Price - Rs. 65

here is its mouth

on my finger

Pros - 
1/ deeply cleanses face
2/ very mild and nice fragnance
3/ Price is good
4/ visibly controls pimples
5/ perfect for oily skin. makes skin oil - free
6/ needs very small quantity

Cons - 
1/ should come in big size


  1. Hi Ani, I just saw your query. Could you kindly drop me a mail? It's difficult to explain here on the comment box. I'd be more than glad if I can be of any help

  2. thanks niv ....... i will mail u soon :):)


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