Friday, 30 December 2011

My First Online Shopping Experience with

by Ani

hello friends
in my recent blog award I told you that I live in quite remote area
so before this COD service was not available in my area
But now it is and I shopped online firstly from

This was the first time so I din't dare to order more thing
this was the trial
I ordered a Maybelline Colorama nail paint only

Pros - 
1/ their delivery time 4-6 days. But I got just in 3 days :D
2/ packaging is very strong their is no chance products to be spoiled
and without ceaser the plasticwrapper can't be cut :)
3/ COD service was very good
4/ shipping chage is just Rs. 30 below 300 Rs. purchasing
5/ all products are of very current dates

Cons - Nothing
Rating  - 5/5

Thank you so much Urbantouch :)


  1. Urbantouch is good indian cosmetics website and they also offer big discounts ;-)


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