Monday, 5 December 2011

Oriflame Pure Nature Soothing Face Wash

by Ani

hello friends

Today's reviw is on Oriflame Pure Nature Soothing Face Wash
Product's Net wt. 150ml. Price - Rs.249

the product

Pros - 
1/ very mild
2/ cleans face nicely :)
3/ pure organic product
4/ very nice and mils fragnance :D

Cons - 
1/ pricely
2/ available from only oriflame rep

Product's rating - 4/5
Will I repurchase? may be.


  1. I keep on buying diff face wash but use only the himalya foaming one..
    nice review Ani :)

  2. i love to change face to try different stuffs.. thanks namita :D

  3. Oriflame has nice face washes na..I love Himalaya too..

  4. ya bhumika they have good range of face washes..... i love himalaya too...:)

  5. I never change my face wash, Clean and Clear is my love forever :)
    but review sounds real gud ...

  6. thanks divya :) clean and clear is also a nice stuff...


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