Friday, 1 June 2012

Oriflame Wonder Lash Intense Mascara

by Ani

hello friends
today I am going to review Oriflame Wonder lash intense mascara
its one of my favourite mascaras

Product's net wt. 8ml. Price - Rs. 329 ( Rs.198 in offer )
Self life - 3 years

Sorry the writing is so blurred color that pic can't be good :p

                                                         here is the brush

in this EOTD I have used this mascara

Yeps -
1/ defines lashes and makes beautiful
2/ does not clumps and easily removable :)
3/ price is good in offer
4/ brush is good
5/ waterproof
6/ very long lasting.............. stays on my lashes all day long :)

Nopes -
1/ available through only Oriflame rep
2/ I don't like its packaging :(

Product's rating - 4/5

Will I recommend? Yes
Will I recommend? ya.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks devarati............... its the miracle of this mascara :)

  2. Sounds awesome, your lashes look very long! Brush is very similar to avon superextent mascara

    1. thanks manya :)............... ya you are right........... they are similar :)

  3. it looks great on your lashes...


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