Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Avon Heavenly Soft Eyeshadow Trio : Citrus Squash

by Ani

hello friends at present I am deeply obsessed in eyeshadows and blushes

because I have a lesser collection of this comparatively to my lipsticks
So. I a collecting these two stuffs of random shades

today I am reviewing Avon Heavenly soft eyeshadow trio
I have bought this last month probably

Product's Net wt. 3gm. Price - Rs.299 ( in offer )
Shade - Citrus Squash

here are the shades


here is and EOTD where I have used these shades

Yeps :
1/ the first thing which impressed me is the packaging.... its super cute :-*
2/ price is good when in offer.. I can't remember the original price
3/ it have very nice 2 acid shades and a shade for browbone
4/ its of a very mild texture and smooth application
5/ If you want to create soft look on eyes then this palette is perfect

Nope :
1/ the shades are not very pigmented :(
2/ the quantity is very less..... they know who bought this
3/ staying power is less..... it stays hardly 1.45 hours on lids.... then starts to fade
4/ available through only avon reps

Product's rating - 2.8/5

Will I recommend? No. I'll never recommend this for anyone because it will be loss of money for them.

Will I repurchase? May be. because sometimes I need this type eye look
I think I should not buy this again.


  1. oops... i was totally hooked to this trio on seeing them in the catalogue.. was planning to pick them sometime soon..

    thanku Ani.. nice & honest review! :) i would better skip this...

    1. thanks revathy :) girls will go to buy this attracted by its packaging ..... bt its better to skip... u r right

  2. I didnt much like the shades, your eyes are pretty but these shades donot do justice at all! I wont buy it, its a dud from avon!

    1. never buy them taps............ quality is too bad :(

  3. try the onyx lustre trios from them . they are fab!
    so sad it didnt work out for you

  4. I bought this going by the colours and I must say it's such a waste of money...the pigmentation is really bad!!it's one of the worst eyeshadows i've bought in my life!!

    1. its really bad stuff.... neither pigmentation nor staying power.............infact I have faced problem to take pictures of the three colors :(


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