Thursday, 28 June 2012

Coloressence Aqua Make up Base : Beige

by Ani

hello friends
today's review subject is Coloressence Aqua make up base

Coloressence is the make up range of Nature's Essence
and the brand is becoming popular for its good quality

Product's net wt. 35ml. Price - Rs.110
Shade - Beige LF - 1

Active Ingredients - Vit E acetate, Punannava extract

Product's demand - it gives a complete coverage to the skin by its easy to spread and blend quantity with SPF 20. It protects skin while maintaining the moisture effect. Can be used for day wear.

product's specimen on my hand ( i had to reduce camera's light to get original shade of the foundation )

this is beige shade. Beige shade is perfect for my skin. So if I see online a preferable foundation with beige shade I buy that. And it always suits me. So I don't need to go to counter always to buy foundations.

after blending ( the black light spot is a burn mark on my hand, I have applied the foundation on the upper area of the burn mark)

Yeps -
1/ very very pocket friendly :)
2/ it has spf 20 so protects skin from sun damage
3/ smells very nice
4/ it blends easily and gives a glowing look
5/ moisturising too but does not make skin oily
6/ gives a good coverage to skin
7/ packaging is simple ..... just like -- what should be in this price
8/ easily available
9/ very light weight you will not feel that you have worn a foundation ( what I feel after applying Lakme liquid foundation )

Nopes - Nothing

Product's rating - 5/5

Will I recommend? Yes

Will I repurchase? From last month I have used this so much that it is almost finished. It has become one of my favourite and daily use foundations so I will surely buy this again and again. I have never seen a foundation with a good quality and so less price :)


  1. i was waiting for your review such a long time before i bought it. Hw does cover acne marks? I hav so many of them :(

    1. it covers acne marks mediumly...... i think you must use concealer to hide acne marks like me :)

    2. at present i am using lakme absolute concealer :) before this I was using revlon photoready concealer which is the best concealer according to me.... but lakme absolute is also good vij :)

  2. wow.. seems to be a gr8 foundation at a fab price... :) a must try for me...

    1. thanks revathy :) its a great product to me :)

  3. Hi...seems like a good product

    1. its a very very good product to me..... thanks ray :)

  4. wow..looks gr8...such an amazing price!!

    The Sweet Life


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