Sunday, 23 December 2012

My New Love : Oumeidie Eyeshadow

by Ani

hello friends
I am a big fan of eyeshadows and eye palettes and the love is growing day by day :):)

I like to try different brands and sometime I find something new which is not very popular but great

One of such is the brand Oumeidie Eyeshadow palettes
I bought 5 palettes from the range and I loveeeeeeeeee them very very much for their excellent quality

                                                      you can see the 5 palettes

Price - Rs. 650


Price - Rs. 450

Price - Rs. 450

Price - Rs. 300

Price - Rs. 450

Yeps :
1/ there are so many lovely colors in palettes
2/ very pigmented and nice
3/ gives smooth finish
4/ stays upto 8 hours on lids without primer
5/ price is ok for its quality
6/ it has a mirror and brush inside
Nopes :
1/ Not available easily

Will I repurchase?? Sure

Will I recommend?? 100%


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