Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Jordana Powder Blush : Redwood

by Ani

hello friends
now a days I am a blushoholic person very much and buying them randomly

today I am going to review one of them
from many days I was searching a red blush but din't find a right one

at least I found one from Jordana Blush Powder Range
Product's Net wt. 2.2 gm. Price - Rs. 220 (approximately)
Shade - Redwood

here is the swatch - its a corallish red shade

Yeps -
1/ very economic :)
2/ there are many beautiful shades in this range
3/ pigmentation is good
4/ stays upto 3  hours
5/ packaging is simple but nice
6/ this shade adds a nice glow to skin

Nopes -
1/ it has neither a brush nor a mirror with it :(
2/ availability is an issue.

Product's rating - 4/5

Will I repurchase? Yes. I want all shades from this range
Will I recommend? Ya. sure.


  1. wow lovely shade but i am not confident like you to wear this type shade :(
    lovely coral undertone shade :)

    1. thanks samannita :) but I think it will suit you :)

  2. Oh great..amazing colour it is..where did u get this from? Its so hard to find :/

    1. thanks dear :) I bought it from urbantouch..........bt they are no more available thre.... you can get it from cherryculture :)

  3. i love this blush very much.. it is economical and decent as well... i think it s available with goodlife as well

    1. thanks dear raji :) me too love them............ I din't found them in goodlife........... but they are available in coollifeshop.com


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